Picture of the day for October 14, 2020

Dwarf Crocodile (Osteolaemus tetraspis) in the Exotenhaus of the Karlsruhe Zoo.. Learn more.

in-joke: Word of the day for October 14, 2020

in-joke , n :
Synonym of inside joke (“a joke that is understood or meant to be understood only by certain people who are aware of the details”)

thrapple: Word of the day for October 13, 2020

thrapple , n :
(chiefly Northern England, Northern Ireland, Scotland) The throat, especially the gullet or windpipe. thrapple v (transitive, chiefly Northern England, Northern Ireland, Scotland) To strangle, to throttle.

vagrant: Word of the day for October 12, 2020

vagrant , adj :
Wandering from place to place, particularly when without any settled employment or habitation. Of or pertaining to a vagabond or vagrant, or a person fond of wandering. (figurative) Moving without a certain direction; roving, wandering; also, erratic, unsettled.

sister from another mister: Word of the day for October 11, 2020

sister from another mister , n :
(informal) A very close female friend. Today is the International Day of the Girl Child, which is recognized by the United Nations to increase awareness of gender inequality faced by girls worldwide and to support greater opportunities for them.

article of the day for October 10, 2020

The Wikipedia article of the day for October 10, 2020 is Battle of Cape Ecnomus.
The Battle of Cape Ecnomus was a naval battle fought off the coast of Sicily in 256 BC between the fleets of Carthage and the Roman Republic during the First Punic War (264–241 BC). The Carthaginian fleet was commanded by Hanno the Great and Hamilcar; the Roman fleet was led by the consuls for the year, Marcus Atilius Regulus and Lucius Manlius Vulso Longus. The Roman fleet of 330 warships sailed with approximately 140,000 men on board. The Romans' plan was to cross to Africa and invade the Carthaginian homeland, in what is now Tunisia. The Carthaginians were apparently aware of the Romans' intentions and mustered 350 warships off the south coast of Sicily to intercept them. With a combined total of about 680 warships carrying up to 290,000 crew and marines, the battle was possibly the largest naval battle in history by the number of combatants involved. After a prolonged and confused day of fighting the Carthaginians were decisively defeated.

Picture of the day for October 10, 2020

A male Plain Tiger (Danaus chrysippus chrysippus) butterfly near Kumarakom, Kerala, India. Known in Africa as the African Monarch, it is one of the first butterflies depicted in art: a representation was found in a 3500-year-old tomb in Luxor, Egypt.. Learn more.