censor: Word of the day for September 27, 2020

censor , n :
(Ancient Rome) One of the two magistrates who originally administered the census of citizens, and by Classical times (between the 8th century B.C.E. and the 6th century C.E.) was a high judge of public behaviour and morality. An official responsible for the removal or suppression of objectionable material (for example, if obscene or likely to incite violence) or sensitive content in books, films, correspondence, and other media. (education) A college or university official whose duties vary depending on the institution. (obsolete) One who censures or condemns. [...] (psychology) A hypothetical subconscious agency which filters unacceptable thought before it reaches the conscious mind. [...] censor v (transitive) To review for, and if necessary to remove or suppress, content from books, films, correspondence, and other media which is regarded as objectionable (for example, obscene, likely to incite violence, or sensitive). Banned Books Week, organized by the American Library Association to celebrate the freedom to read and to draw attention to banned and challenged books, is held in 2020 from September 27 to October 3.