translate: Word of the day for September 30, 2020

translate , v :
Senses relating to the change of information, etc., from one form to another. (transitive) To change spoken words or written text (of a book, document, movie, etc.) from one language to another. (intransitive) To provide a translation of spoken words or written text in another language; to be, or be capable of being, rendered in another language. (transitive) To express spoken words or written text in a different (often clearer or simpler) way in the same language; to paraphrase, to rephrase, to restate. (transitive) To change (something) from one form or medium to another. (transitive, music) To rearrange (a song or music) in one genre into another. (intransitive) To change, or be capable of being changed, from one form or medium to another. (transitive, genetics) To generate a chain of amino acids based on the sequence of codons in an mRNA molecule. Senses relating to a change of position. (transitive, archaic) To move (something) from one place or position to another; to transfer. (transitive) To transfer the remains of a deceased person (such as a monarch or other important person) from one place to another; (specifically, Christianity) to transfer a holy relic from one shrine to another. (transitive, Christianity) To transfer a bishop or other cleric from one post to another. (transitive, Christianity) Of a holy person or saint: to be assumed into or to rise to Heaven without bodily death; also (figurative) to die and go to Heaven. (transitive, medicine, obsolete) To cause (a disease or something giving rise to a disease) to move from one body part to another, or (rare) between persons. (transitive, physics) To subject (a body) to linear motion with no rotation. (intransitive, physics) Of a body: to be subjected to linear motion with no rotation. (transitive, obsolete) To entrance (“place in a trance”), to cause to lose recollection or sense. Today is International Translation Day, which is marked by the United Nations to recognize the work of translators in facilitating understanding and co-operation, and bringing nations together.